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The Special Weapons

Mortar Launcher

Lobs a mortar up-and-over. Great for hitting targets behind walls. With the power-up it does enough damage to destroy a turret with one hit.


Shockwave Generator

Generates a shockwave in a 360 degree circle around the X1-Alpha. The power-up increases the range and damage done, but you still need to get close to a target to hit it.

Hint: when Sky Captain is following you, stop, hit reverse, then when you are underneath him get him with the shockwave.


Pop-Up Mine

Very, very dangerous. Mostly to you. Drop a mine on the ground and you have about one second to get clear before it goes off. With the power-up it does a massive amount of damage, but the blast radius is so large you have to be in the hovercar mode to get out of the way in time. Only real use is in two-player mode when the other player is chasing you.


Plasma Flare (available in Crime War only)

An energy version of the mortar launcher, basically the same except it does more damage. After you launch it you can hit fire again to explode it in mid air.


Grenade Launcher (Hidden Weapon)

Fires a grenade which bounces along the ground. Like the mortar launcher, it will also bounce over walls to hit a target. It does enough damage to take out a turret with one hit. The grenade normally explodes on contact with a target, but you can hit fire again to blow it up manually.

Hint: if your opponent is coming towards you fire a grenade at them, then hit fire again to explode it right in front of them.