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Demonstration Game & Update

The official EA Future Cop web site at www.futurecop.com has been removed. The demos and Mac update to 1.0.2 are still available on EA's FTP server.

Mac Demo 18.2MB

Mac 1.0.2 Update 258KB

Windows Demo 22.6MB


Desktop Pictures

These four desktop pictures are from the official Future Cop web site (now Missing In Action). Click on each picture to see the full sized version, then Save As.

Folder Background

Here's a picture you can use as a folder background. Click on the picture to see the full size version, then Save As.

folder background


Mac OS X
Open your Future Cop folder and go to the Finder's View menu and select Show View Options. Make sure This Window Only is selected, then change the Background option to Picture. Click Select... and navigate to the picture you downloaded.

Windows 98
Open your Future Cop folder, go to the View menu, select Customize this Folder..., select Choose a Background Picture, click Next and navigate to the picture you downloaded.

Mac OS X Icon

I also have a new icon for Mac OS X, as seen in the folder background picture above. Download the disk image, open it and follow the instructions in Read Me.