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The Hidden Weapons

There are three extra weapons hidden in the Crime War areas. Once you collect them you can use them in Crime War or Precinct Assault. Note that you can't use the weapons when you first find them, you have to start a new game before they can be selected.

The Riot Shield

Found in Studio City.

Go through the giant mushroom area.


Watch out for the robot bodyguard! You can kill him now or later, it doesn't matter.


Go back to the billboard you passed just before the bodyguard and blow it up.


Now return to the point where you exited the mushroom area, turn right and follow the path around the outside edge of the level.


Near the end of the path you'll find the Riot Shield.

K-9 Drone

Found in Venice Beach.

This is the easiest one to find, and the only one I found myself! Head along the canals to the extreme south-east corner of the map. Here you will find the K-9 Drone.

Grenade Launcher

Found in Zuma Beach.

You need to blow up the two pink flamingo signs above the hotel first.


Near the end of the level you destroy a large tank, creating a hole in the floor. Under this are parked six small tanks.


Blow them up. Hidden inside one of them is the grenade launcher.