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The Cheat Codes

The cheat codes for the Mac or Windows versions of Future Cop are entered by holding down F10 and pressing the other function keys in order.

shield restore=F10+F2, F1, F4, F3

gun reload=F10+F2, F4, F1, F3, F1, F3 ,F4 ,F2

heavy weapon reload=F10+F4, F3 ,F1 ,F2, F4 ,F3 ,F1 ,F2

special weapon reload=F10+F2, F1, F2, F4, F2, F1, F3

Once the code is entered press F10+F5 to activate it.

To cancel it press F10+F6.


For cheats for the PlayStation check out Game Winners.


Saved Game File

If you really, really, really don't want to play through the entire game you can download my saved game file. It has all the levels completed plus all the hidden weapons have been found. Note: this is for the Macintosh only, it won't work with the Windows version.

If you need a Windows version you can download one from Cheat Code Central.