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The Guns

Powered Mini-Gun

Fine against the gang members in Crime War, but pretty useless in the later levels of Precinct Assault against anything with armour like the turrets or Sky Captain. With the power-up it gets (slightly) better.


Gatling Laser

Essentially the same as the Mini-Gun, except it sets things on fire too.


Electric Gun

The best all-round gun, especially in Precinct Assault. It's fast-firing and does a reasonable amount of damage. With the power-up it can hit several targets at once if they're close together.



This can do some real damage. The catch is it has a very short range and it doesn't work well if you're moving, but it can toast a turret in just a couple of seconds from close up. With the power-up: gets hotter!


Riot Shield (Hidden Weapon)

Both a defensive and offensive weapon, the Riot Shield sets up a force field in front of the X-1 Alpha which gives you partial protection. Any enemy vehicle or turret which touches the field gets zapped, but your units are left unharmed. Unlike the other gun weapons pressing the fire button turns it on until you turn it off (or it runs out). The gun power-up turns the shield into a full sphere surrounding you and gives much better protection.

Hint: when playing against Sky Captain, get under him and turn on the shield. Now stay under him!

Hint: great for invading the enemy base in Precinct Assault. First grab the gun power-up, then release a wave of tanks. Just before the tanks reach the enemy base run past the line of turrets defending it. This way you can take out all the enemy turrets in just a few seconds. Now all you have to do is defend just one of your tanks long enough for it to get into the base. Run along beside one of them enclosing it within your Riot Shield. It's now just about indestructible!