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The Secret Level

There is an extra area in Precinct Assault called Bug Hunt. It's the one on the map next to Proving Ground. To get to it you need to finish the other five areas: La Cantina, Hollywood Keys, Urban Jungle, Venice Beach and Proving Ground.

To complete an area you must play against Sky Captain. Every time you beat him he is advanced one level and gets a bit tougher. When you beat him on level ten you complete the area. You must do this for each of the five areas.

When you do you have access to Bug Hunt.

If you can't do it (go on, give it a try first!) you can download a saved game file from the Cheat Codes page.

Have fun hunting those bugs!

Bug Hunt

The Hidden Pictures

There are lots of pictures of people hidden in the Bug Hunt level, presumably of those who worked on the game. When I went looking for some to take screen shots of for this page I found several I had never noticed before! Here are just a few of them.

You'll need to have graphics on to see the hidden pictures ;-)