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The Heavy Weapons

Hell Fire 2000

A good all-round missile weapon. With the power-up it fires several rockets at once which can hit independent targets.

Hyper Velocity Rockets

This barely qualifies as a heavy weapon. While very fast firing the rockets don't do a lot of damage and the number supplied is small, you can easily run out. With the power-up, much, much better, it can do a lot of damage against a fast-moving target.

Concussion Beam

Good damage and firing speed. With the power-up it can do a huge amount of damage.


Fusion Torpedo (available in Crime War only)

Slow firing, but makes up for it by destroying most things with one shot.


K-9 Drone (Hidden Weapon)

This is definitely the strangest weapon in Future Cop. When fired it sends out a robot dog to attack the enemy. It does a lot of damage and will follow an enemy. It will also run straight into walls trying to get to the enemy (it's not very smart, it's only a dog). It's also of little use against Sky Captain in later levels because it can't keep up with him. With the power-up it fires several dogs at once.