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The Game Controls

First of all, the most frequently asked question:

"How do I change between the Hovercar and Walker?"

You need to press the Action and Change Target keys at the same time. On the Mac the default keys are Shift and C. On the PC version the keys are numeric keypad 0 and 2.

Also be sure to watch the help movies, they explain some of the controls. There are two help movies, one for Crime Wars and one for Precinct Assault. From the game selection screen click the Map button to select the game type, then the help button to view the movie.

Why is there no separate key for Transform? I assume because the game was originally designed for the PlayStation controller, which has ten buttons. Transform would be number eleven.

Knowing that the game was originally designed for the PlayStation I bought a Gravis GamePad Pro along with my copy of Future Cop. The GamePad Pro is a clone of the PlayStation's controller. While it's perfectly fine for many games, for Future Cop I find this type of controller terrible. With a game pad you're trying to press four different buttons using just one thumb. With the keyboard layout below you can keep a finger on each fire button. Sometimes you do need to fire all your weapons at once!

This is the control layout I use on my Mac. It's basically the same as the default PC layout.

Future Cop controls