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SpeedChopper 1.0


SpeedChopper version 1.0 October 1990
Copyright © 1990. All rights reserved.
Written by Lars Sundström
Seagull Engineering of Sweden

SpeedChopper is distributed as freeware. Its distribution is allowed on electronic services and on disk only by non-profit macintosh user groups. The SpeedChopper package consisting of SpeedChopper and this document "About SpeedChopper" should remain unchanged.

SpeedChopper is a control panel document. SpeedChopper can be configured to consume more or less processor time in order to control the speed of your Macintosh. Activating and deactivating SpeedChopper is done by typing a user defined combination of keys.

What you need
SpeedChopper requires Macintosh Plus or newer and system 6.04 or later. If an older system is used SpeedChopper will not be installed.

How to install
Put SpeedChopper in your system folder and restart. The control panel can not be used before restart.

The Settings
In the control panel the speed is shown in percentage of full speed. The speed can be adjusted in 1% steps. There is a minimum speed which varies depending on which type of machine that is used. To toggle between full and reduced speed, press keys according to settings.
The toggle sound can be used to make it more clear when SpeedChopper is activated and deactivated. Noise with increasing frequency represents deactivation and noise with decreasing frequency represents activation.
Its possible to control whether the startup icon should be shown or not and also if SpeedChopper should activated at startup.

SpeedChopper screen shot


Even though much work has been made to make SpeedChopper to work properly, SEAGULL ENGINEERING OF SWEDEN DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY for loss or damage of data, programs or hardware due to use of SpeedChopper.

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