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Download my custom scenario Kill the Beast 18 KB

This scenario is designed for one or two human players against the computer.

Kill the Beast screenshot



It's Too Fast!

If you're running WarCraft II on any Mac made in the last few years you've probably found that the scrolling speed is too fast, even when it's set to its slowest speed. This is a well-known bug which was fixed in the edition of WarCraft II, but Blizzard never released a patch for the original WarCraft II. Shame on you Blizzard!

Fortunately, there's a control panel called SpeedChopper which can fix the problem. It dates back to 1990 but it still runs fine under Mac OS 9.1. The instructions are in an included MacWrite document, but in case you can't open these I've also put up a web page version.

n.b.: when WarCraft II is running SpeedChopper can't receive the key presses used to turn it on or off. If you press command-space WarCraft II will turn on the normal Mac menu bar and SpeedChopper's keys will work. After you've turned SpeedChopper on you can press command-space again to hide your Mac's menu bar.

Download SpeedChopper 1.0 34 KB

Instructions page


It Doesn't Work in Mac OS X!

The original version of WarCraft II has an incompatibility with Mac OS X, where it can't find the game CD-ROM. You can join in a network game since up to three players can join using one CD-ROM, but you can't start a game. The only way to fix this is to upgrade to the newer version of WarCraft II.


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