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PS/2 Mouse Adapter For Apple

Use a modern IBM PS/2 mouse with your older Apple II or Macintosh computer.

PS/2 Mouse Adapter

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The VintageWare PS/2 Mouse Adapter for Apple lets you use a modern PS/2 mouse on your vintage Apple computer. PS/2 mice are normally only useable on IBM PC-compatible computers, but the adapter connects between the PS/2 mouse and the Apple mouse port and translates the PS/2 protocol to signals the Apple can understand.

Unlike mice for the Apple mouse port, PS/2 mice are still being made. This means you can use any modern PS/2 mouse, including cordless mice and optical mice.


The adapter works with any computer with an Apple-compatible mouse port. It will not work with the Apple IIGS or any Mac later than the Mac Plus as these computers use an ADB port (Apple Desktop Bus) for their mouse connection.

mouse portThe Apple mouse port uses a 9-pin subminiature D socket like the picture on the right.

Note that the Apple IIe and IIGS also use this type of connector for a joystick port. The adapter will not work with these computers unless they have an Apple mouse card fitted into one of their expansion slots. The Apple IIc and Laser 128 series use a combined mouse/joystick port, and can take either a mouse or a joystick in the same port.


Models with the Apple mouse port include:

Apple mouse card for Apple II, II+ and IIe
Apple IIc and IIc+
Laser 128, 128EX and 128EX/2
Macintosh 128K, 512K and Plus


Supported Computers
The adapter has so far been tested with an Apple IIc, a Laser 128, the Apple mouse card in an Apple II+ and in an Apple IIe, and with a Macintosh Plus.

Unsupported Computers

Apple IIGS
While the Apple II
GS can use an Apple mouse card it is not recommended as the card will only work properly for 8-bit software.

Lisa and Macintosh XL
The original Lisa appears to use a diffent connector, but the adapter should work with the Lisa 2 and Macintosh XL, but I don't have access to these models to test it on.

Installation is simple
Turn off the computer. Plug the adapter into the mouse port and tighten the screws on the adapter to secure it in place. Plug a PS/2 mouse into the adapter. That's it! When used with the adapter, the PS/2 mouse is hot-swappable, so it can be plugged or unplugged from the adapter while the computer is on.

No Extra Software Required
The PS/2 to Apple mouse translation is done entirely inside the adapter by a pair of microcontrollers, so no special drivers are required on the Apple end. Simply plug the adapter in and all your existing software will see it as an Apple mouse.

Mouse Buttons
Standard PS/2 mice have up to three buttons. Clicking any of these buttons has the same effect as clicking the single button on an Apple mouse. Any additional buttons or scroll wheels are not used.


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PS/2 Mouse Adapter

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