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All prices are in New Zealand dollars. The prices are also shown in United States dollars as a convenience, but these are only approximations and will change as the currency exchange rate changes. PayPal can not charge in NZ dollars, so if you are paying by PayPal I will calculate the price in US dollars using the current exchange rate and send this to you. I use the Personal Currency Assistant to determine the exchange rate.


I charge NZ$10.00 (about US$7.00) per order for airmail delivery anywhere in the world, or NZ$4.00 for delivery within New Zealand.

Payment Methods

PayPal/Credit Card
If you've never used PayPal before you can sign up for a free account at I can also accept credit card payments via PayPal.

Cheques must be made out in New Zealand dollars and drawn on a New Zealand bank. If you don't have a New Zealand bank account you will need to get an international draft from your bank.

Direct Credit
This is the best method to use if you're in New Zealand. It can also be used for international payments if your bank allows it.

How To Order
Send your order via email to Please include your name, delivery address, how you wish to pay, and which items you want to order. I will work out the total cost for your order and send it to you along with the details for your method of payment.


VintageWare > Store