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Trouble Shooting

Orange Power Light

If you start a program and your iMac's monitor shuts off with an orange power light, it means the Game Wizard card has been activated but isn't working properly. The iMac Game Wizard can only run at a screen resolution of 640 by 480 or 800 by 600. Running OpenGL programs it can only run at 640 by 480. If a program tries to use any other resolution the monitor can't detect a video signal and automatically goes to sleep.

If this happens, press command-option-S. This switches the video output back to the original video chip and will hopefully allow you to change the settings or quit the program. Pressing command-option-S again will switch back to the Game Wizard.

Games Too Dark

If the screen is too dark you may need to change the gamma setting. First check the game's own options to see if the brightness or gamma can be increased. If that doesn't help try putting a voodoo2.ini or voodoo2.var file with a gamma setting in the game's folder. The table below lists some games I've tested and the gamma settings I used. Games listed as using Glide will look for a voodoo2.ini file, those using Glide 3 or OpenGL will look for a voodoo2.var file. If you're unsure, just put both files in the game's folder.

Look at the driver installation page for more info on the voodoo2 settings files.



Game Title

Graphics API


Carmageddon 2



Diablo II

Uses the Glide 3 library so it can't run at a higher resolution than 640x480. Unfortunately the character selection menu at the start of the game runs at 800x600.

Go to the Diablo II Options screen. If it doesn't show when you first start the game, hold down the option key while you open the application. Click on the Configure Video... button. On the Monitor Selection screen select 3Dfx/Glide. On the next screen (640 x 480 Video Test) tick the Expert Mode box. Select 640x480, 120Hz from the pop-up menu which appears. Click on the Test button to make sure it works. You can skip the next screen (800 x 600 Video Test) since the Glide 3 drivers don't work at this resolution.

To make sure the monitor never turns off when the game switches resolution to 800x600:

When you start Diablo II wait a couple of seconds. When the menu bar disappears and the screen goes black, just before the animated company logos play, press command-M to switch to windowed mode.

Make a character selection and start a game. After the Loading... screen appears you can use command-M to switch back to full screen.

After you have finished playing a game select Save and Exit Game to return to the character selection screen. Press command-M again before the selection screen appears. You can also quit without going back through the selection screen by pressing command-Q.

Recommended video options:

For a balance between performance and quality set Lighting Quality to Medium, Blended Shadows Off and Perspective On.

Gamma settings in a voodoo.var file have no effect, but gamma can be adjusted in the game. You will probably have to set the gamma high and contrast low to get the picture bright enough.

 Glide 3

Future Cop

Don't forget to have a look at my Future Cop site too!


F/A-18 Korea


Quake III:Arena


Star Wars Episode I Racer




Unreal Tournament




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