Don't use aerosol sprays or cleaning solvents which can damage the cabinet finish. Don't smudge the screen with your fingers. The oil from your fingertips will make dust adhere to the screen.


Do clean the cabinet with a damp, lint-free cloth, being careful to avoid getting water inside the monitor via the vent holes. Do wipe monitor screen occasionally with a dry, lint-free cloth.


Avoiding Eye Fatigue

The monitor's screen has an etched, nonglare surface, which greatly reduces eye fatigue and makes reading easy, even when light reflects from its surface.

Whenever you look for any length of time into a light source such as a TV or computer monitor, you may feel bleary-eyed. Though we have designed the screen to be comfortable for all users, you may still experience eye fatigue. If you find your eyes tiring, just look away from the screen and focus on objects at varying distances. By exercising your eye muscles in this way, you can avoid or relieve eye strain.

6 Monitor IIc User's Manual

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