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Welcome to the IIgs


Cool Freeware and Shareware
My favourite software, including a couple of my own programs.

The CP/M CARD from ALS
Disk images of the operating system and utilities that came with ALS's The CP/M Card.


Apple IIGS RGB to SCART video lead
Details for making a cable to connect an Apple II
GS to a TV or monitor with a SCART connector. Ready-made cables are also available for sale.

PS/2 Mouse Adapter for Apple Computers
Use this adapter to connect a modern PS/2 mouse to the Apple mouse port on your vintage Apple II or Macintosh.


Monitor IIc
The Apple IIc monitor manual in HTML.

Hosts the Apple II community on the Syndicomm Online service, plus it has news and file downloads. Apple II system software is available for free in disk image format, or you can order it on disk for a very low price.

Apple II History
Steven Weyhrich's fantastic Apple II history site.

Apple II Manuals Online
Terry Allen's Home of the Apple II has HTML versions of the Apple II
GS Owner's manual and Getting Started manual.

Apple Support
If you're looking for info on an Apple II product don't forget Apple Computer. All the old support articles are still available, just make sure to select "Include content created prior to 1997" at the bottom of the search form. Note that doing a basic search won't search any of the old articles, so be sure to return to the main search page before each new search.

Bernie ][ the Rescue
An excellent Apple II
GS emulator for the Macintosh.

Trenco Apple II Archive
It doesn't contain nearly as many files as some of the other FTP sites, but all the software here is legal and the site is well maintained.

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