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The iMac Game Wizard Resource Downloads

Note: all the files here are copyright by either Micro Conversions, Inc. or 3Dfx Interactive, Inc. However, Micro Conversions went bankrupt and 3Dfx has sold their business. I can find none of these files on any official web site. Since these files are only of use to someone who has bought one of their products I am offering them for download myself. So there.

Note: none of these drivers will work under Mac OS X. They will work for any version of the Mac OS from 8.1 to 9.2.2.

Easy Install

iMac Drivers 532 KB

Game Wizard MacGlide, 3Dfx GlideLib 3.x, 3Dfx RAVE, 3Dfx OpenGL Renderer, OpenGLEngine, Installation Instructions, voodoo2.ini, voodoo2.var.

All the drivers you need for the iMac Game Wizard in one easy download, plus the installation instructions.


Files from the CD-ROM

PDF Manual 307 KB

The instruction manual for the iMac Game Wizard.

Test Program
238 KB

The 3Dfx Test 25 program allows you to check the card is operating properly.

Original Drivers
174 KB

Game Wizard MacGlide 2.53r7 and Game Wizard RAVE 1.1

These were the last drivers released by Micro Conversions.


Drivers from 3Dfx

Voodoo2 Beta 5 Drivers 263 KB

3Dfx GlideLib 2.x (, 3Dfx GlideLib 3.x (, 3Dfx RAVE (1.0d15) and 3Dfx OpenGL Renderer (1.0b11)

These were the last drivers released by 3Dfx. If you have a PCI Game Wizard you only need these drivers.


Apple's OpenGL 1.2.1

Download 4.0 MB from Apple

OpenGL 1.2.2 is installed with Mac OS 9.2.1 and later but it doesn't work properly with Voodoo cards. You can either reinstall 1.2.1, or just replace the file OpenGLEngine with the one from the 1.2.1 installation, the rest of the OpenGL files work fine.


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