Welcome to VintageWare

This site is run by me, Roger Johnstone. I use it to sell a couple of hardware projects I've done for vintage Apple computers, hence the name VintageWare.

This site also hosts the other web sites I've created over the years.

You can get in touch with me via the Contact page.

Apple IIGS SCART Cable

Connect your Apple IIGS to a TV or monitor with a SCART cable

SCART cable

PS/2 Mouse Adapter For Apple

Use a modern PS/2 mouse with your older Apple II or Macintosh computer

PS/2 Mouse Adapter

VintageWare Store

The above two items are available for sale

Apple II Stuff

  • Apple II software
  • Make a SCART cable to connect an Apple IIGS to a TV
  • Disk images for The CP/M CARD from Advanced Logic Systems
Apple IIGS

The iMac Game Wizard Resource

  • Instructions for Glide, RAVE and OpenGL support
  • Driver and manual downloads
  • Game settings
Voodoo2 for iMac

Future Cop:LAPD

  • Information from the game's creators
  • Reviews
  • Cheat codes, secret weapons, bonus level
  • Hints and tips on beating Sky Captain
  • Download icons, pictures, saved games
Future Cop

WarCraft II

  • Kill the Beast! My custom scenario for WarCraft II
  • Links to WarCraft II sites
  • A fix for the bug which causes the screen to scroll too fast on modern Macs
WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness